Alexander Day Chaffee

176 N. Union St.
Burlington, VT 05401 USA
Web:, Code Like This


  • Agile / Extreme Programming coach, mentor, teacher, coder, facilitator.
  • Experienced at bringing products and features to market.
  • Passionate about software, design, entrepreneurship and highly effective teams.


    2014-2015 Senior Developer and Mentor, Smart Resource Labs

    2014 Consultant, WeedMaps (via Carbon Five)

    2009-2011 Founder and Chief Technical Officer, Cohuman Inc.

    2009-present Volunteer, RailsBridge

    2008-present Technical Trainer and Speaker

    2008-present Consultant and Coder

    2004-2008 Tech Lead and Principal, Pivotal Labs

    2003-2004 Senior Consultant, Pivotal Software

    1997-2003 Freelance Trainer and Consultant (Various clients)

    1999-2002 Software Guru, Magelang Institute / jGuru

    1997 Senior Product Architect, EarthWeb

    1996 Director of Software Engineering, EarthWeb

    1995 Senior Software Engineer, EarthWeb


    2007 Chaffee, Alexander et al. Project Management System Patent application #11/676210

    2002 Chaffee, Alexander and Pietri, William, Unit Testing with Mock Objects, IBM DeveloperWorks

    2002 Chaffee, Alexander, Building with Ant,

    2000 Chaffee, Alexander, Using JSP and XML Together, JavaWorld

    1999 Chaffee, Alexander, One, two, three or N Tiers?, JavaWorld

    1998 Chaffee, Alexander, Servlets and the Web Site Design Process, ServletCentral

    1998 Chaffee, Alexander, At Long Last... JDK 1.2,

    1998 Chaffee, Alexander, Unwrapping Java Packages,

    1997 Papageorge, John, The Dream of Internet Computing Made Easy (Interview), for Java Developer Connection Web Site. (

    1996 Spivack, et al., The Official Gamelan Directory, Ziff Davis

    1996 State of the Art, column in Java Report, Vol. 1, Issues 1-2.

    1996 Siegel, Eric V. and Chaffee, Alexander D., Genetically optimizing the speed of programs evolved to play Tetris, in Angeline, P. and Kinnear, K. eds., Advances in Genetic Programming, Vol. II, M.I.T. Press (

    1992 Honors Thesis, Reed College, Haven't I seen you before? A procedural analysis of implicit memory


    1999-present presented many on-site training classes for a variety of clients, through work at jGuru, Magelang, Marakana, New Circle, and as a freelance trainer.

    1997 Networking and Distributed Programming in Java, C++ World Conference, November 1997.

    1997 Taught Advanced Java Programming at client sites as 24-hour course.

    1997 Taught Introduction to Java Programming, at client sites and in classroom, as 24-hour and 40-hour course.

    1997 Real World Java Panel, JavaOne (San Francisco).

    1997 Taught 30-hour course, Introduction to Java Programming, in classroom at GITI (New York).

    1996 Java Tutorial, Spring Internet World 1996.

    1995 Taught 9-hour course, Introduction to Java Programming, at client sites.


    1992 Bachelor of Arts with Honors, Reed College