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Alex is a coder, teacher, gamer, coach, open source contributor, jogger, dog lover, word nerd, baker... At Pivotal Labs, he led the development of Pivotal Tracker, a popular project management application written in Ruby and JavaScript. He has coached for and coded on Agile teams at tech companies big and small. He's also a volunteer with RailsBridge and makes a mean mac and cheese. His open-source educational materials are at


    Working with Alex, I learned a lot about how to productively guide conversations. He clearly set the foundation for great conversation encouraging everyone to participate, corralling a wide range of ideas and opinions. Every engagement ended with actionable takeaways, the biggest of which was a desire to do it all over again.
    - Rudy Jahchan, Team Lead, Carbon Five

    In addition to being a very skilled developer, Alex is an excellent facilitator. He has lots of experience leading Agile teams, and moderating the activities that go along with them. He has led several activities for projects I have been involved with, all of which have run smoothly and successfully.
    - Michael Wynholds, President, Carbon Five


Apps and Sites

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  • Tools

    • deck.rb - write your slides in Markdown, present them in HTML5
    • Rerun - relaunch your thingy after stuff changes
    • Whos - command-line parallelized whois, minus the spam
    • Pong





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